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When we launched the Freshdesk reseller program in 2014, we did it with one goal: to enable businesses around the world, no matter where they were or what size the customer base they serve, to focus on customer service above all else .

More than 200 distributors in more than 35 countries help us contribute a significant share of total sales and the number of customers, I would say that we are succeeding in our efforts and getting closer to our goal.

But not everything is just for the money or the love of the customer that we are accumulating. We have also worked on building a strong relationship with our distributors to get them to spend as much time in Dream Freshdesk as we do, so they can also change the future of customer service, one company at a time. To this end, we have participated and organized more than 25 events with our resellers and we have more than 10 scheduled for the first half of this year.

But on this, later! Today what we really want to talk about is our first Global Reseller Conference, which we had a week ago. Brazil, France, the Netherlands, Sweden, Italy, Russia, Belgium, India, Philippines, etc. – – A two-day guest-only event full of ideas, opportunities and fun, sellers from all languages gathered to share Advice and knowledge.

Take a look at our work-play-fun sessions last week.


Top 5 Appraisals by Resellers:

1. Collaboration with other resellers:

When like-minded people who share the same interests and face similar challenges are put under one roof, a lot of brainstorming happens. Everyone knew they could offer something to others; There was a lot of collaboration. Towards the end of the event, each dealer left with lots of product information, best practices, new tactics and strategies to work with. A win-win for everyone! As Konstantin Frolov, CEO of Swedbyte, Russia, put it: “The Freshdesk distributor conference was a great opportunity to meet key people and to see a strong commitment from Freshdesk to building exceptional products and growing our mutual business “Along with the growth of customer acquisition rates throughout 2015 allows us to plan aggressively for 2016.”

2. Gain insider information and knowledge about the Freshdesk product suite:

No amount of training material and product tutorials is near a demonstration session led by product manufacturers. And that’s what happened during the conference. When talking to manufacturers, partners not only came to hear the director’s version of how the product came to be, but also came to discuss and find out what the problems, solutions and best use cases are for each Start-up and improvement function. The partners also got a glimpse of how new trends are influencing the product route, something Romain Herve, the co-founder of Cirruseo, France, is quite enthusiastic about.

“Cirruseo won more than 40% of new businesses with growth and Freshdesk Freshservice and 165% in 2015 vs. 2014. After the conference, we are now fully reconsidering our strategy of investing more time and effort in growing with Freshdesk” .

3. Growth with Freshdesk:

For partners, this event gave them the first opportunity to cultivate a deeper understanding of long-term growth with Freshdesk to become a global powerhouse of software. Our CEO, Girish Mathrubootham and COO, Nishant Rao talked a lot about the role that distributors will play in our growth strategy and how distributors can benefit from more targeted investments.

“The Freshdesk Partner Conference”, Lennart Benoot, founder of Mincko, Belgium, enthusiastic, “- confirms what we already knew: excellent team, very strong product line and a great network of partners, happy to be part of this! We have become totally energized and ready to take the next set of challenges to make this business grow to its full potential . ”

We were glad to see you, Lennart!

4. Networking with Freshdesk People:

Through formal sessions and fun-filled informal meetings, our partners were able to put a face to the emails they often receive. Selwyn Uy, CEO of i4Asia, enjoyed the opportunity to do so. ” I think the goal of making us feel Girish culture in Freshdesk” he said, “-has been fulfilled. Personally, I am happy to have met you all .”

We loved meeting you too, Selwyn!
We loved meeting you too, Selwyn!

It was also a great opportunity to take a tour of our office and meet people who have made Freshdesk what it is.

5. Focus on the profitability of the distributor:

We create sessions to showcase customer use cases and best practices for our resellers to activate the newest and least-explored revenue-generating opportunities and to improve their own strategy. These sessions were designed to equip distributors with the right skills to re-plan their entry strategy by providing additional value to their customers, something that Yannick Pirard liked at Check Your Service, The Netherlands. “This conference distributors,” he said, “- has opened our eyes to a plethora of opportunities Freshdesk has outlined for us Our focus will obviously be shifted to Freshdesk now going to commit more resources to seize opportunities. “.

6. Cultural Experience of India:

From our Athithi-Devo Bhava-themed welcome to car rides, the dealers conference was a great way for partners to receive a small but significant multicultural India experience.

And this is only the beginning, because the Global Freshdesk Reseller Conference is going to become an annual tradition! So if you want to be part of it, subscribe to our program reselling today!


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